Fun, fresh and irreverent, Naomi Shimada is a dynamic force who is fast becoming the voice of a generation. Naomi made her name speaking out against the oppressive body standards of the modelling industry. Her candid admirable and relatable approach to her career and the world around her has seen her amass a large social media following. Now she’s committed to shedding light to social causes close to her heart and keen to push the conversation forward to what it means to be a full individual out in the world. As a model she has starred in campaigns for Nike, H&M and the Gap and her writing has been featured in Vogue, Elle, The Observer. Her first book, co-authored with journalist Sarah Raphael: ‘Mixed Feelings - Exploring the Emotional impact of our digital habits’ was published in 2019. She is a self-proclaimed ‘global citizen’, but currently resides in London.