Wilson Oryema is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who lives and works in London. His work primarily focuses on the theme of human consumption and the different ways it impacts human behaviour and the environment. Which he explores through various mediums including, text, image, film, exhibitions, and more. This includes his first book "WAIT", a well-received book of poetry around this theme, also the recent documentary “How Toxic Are My Clothes?”. Aside from his primary theme, Wilson has also been commissioned to produce work for various organisations and publications, including: Glamcult, The Serpentine Gallery, The Guardian, The Fineprint, Wildsmith Papers, Eco-Age, The British Museum, Charles Jeffrey's LOVERBOY, and more. Wilson is also a strong advocate for sustainability in fashion and beyond, serving as a consultant and frequent conference speaker on this topic. More recent highlights include collaborating with Swarovski throughout 2019 on the launch of their conscious design program in partnership with CSM. He serves as one of the global ambassadors for Timberland and their “Nature Needs Heroes” project.